Do I have to book a trial?  - Trials are optional and f you decide not to book a trial, we can discuss any of your style ideas via email prior to your wedding day. 

When should I have my trial?  - Trials are ideally booked in a couple of months before your wedding day.

Where will the trial be held? - Trials are held at my home in Henley on Thames. 

However if you are unable to make it to me I can travel to you. Travel charges would apply. 

How long does a trial last? - Trials last between 1 - 3 hours depending on the number of services you are having. 

Do I need to wash my hair?  - Ideally, hair should be washed the previous day, but if you would prefer to wash it on the morning of your trial or event, that is also fine. I would just ask that we begin with dry hair. 

What products do you use? - I use a wide range of products from lots  of different brands. Each chosen by myself for their individual uses. 

Can I change my mind on what style I go for? - Of course ! The most important thing is that you feel happy and your most beautiful !


What to look forward to at your trial....

A trial is a chance for you to meet me and discuss your ideas. I want your session to be relaxed and enjoyable. There will be lots of giggles and even a glass of fizz (at my home studio) if you'd like! 

If I am visiting you for your trial, all I ask from you is to choose a space with as much natural light as possible.  A little space such as a kitchen table for me to spread out on and a room with open windows. 

Cleanliness has always been a top priority for myself and my colleagues. Never more so than since the addition of Covid to our lives.

I ask that numbers are kept to a minimum of ideally just yourself (to limit person to person contact). Of course, if your trial is booked for multiple people this is an exception and we will work within any guidelines safely.

We are still unsure of the exact rules that will be in place once we begin face to face services  again - but I imagine that a mask & visor will be required for me to wear throughout. I ask that when you are having your hair done, that you also wear a mask, along with anyone else in the room. When we then move to make up, of course your mask would then be removed.

 Our safety is of paramount importance during the time we spend together. 

All tools will have been thoroughly sanitised before my arrival, and I would never use the same tools on more than 1 person without sanitising in-between.  

 Trials last between 1 - 3 hours.

We will settle on a look at your trial, but you can of course change your mind at any time in the run up to your wedding day, and make any tweaks you wish. I will not be hurt by this - my priority is for you to be happy and feel your most beautiful !  

If you are having a hair trial, bring any accessories with you that you have chosen. If you haven't chosen anything yet, then don't worry, we can talk through the items you may be considering together. 

Ideally hair should be washed the previous day, but if you would prefer to wash it on the morning of the trial that's also fine. I would just ask that we begin with dry hair. 

You can arrive with, or without makeup to your trial. Either way, I will cleanse, tone and moisturise you as my first steps prior to any application. 
Inspiration pictures are a huge help.

Instagram & Pinterest are great places to gather a few of these for us to work from at your trial. 

I have a full kit of professional supplies, and you don't need to bring any products with you for either hair and/ or makeup (unless there is something that you really want to be part of your look such as a favourite mascara etc.)

If your trial is to be held at my home in Henley, I also want to let you know that I have a fluffy dog called Risotto. 
He may be at home, although not in the trial room with us. 
He is a hypoallergenic mini goldendoodle. If you are nervous of dogs do let me know prior to our meeting and I can arrange for him to be elsewhere. 

Payment is due prior to your trial via bank transfer. 

If attending your trial at my home, there is parking close by in. If coming by train, my address is an 8 minute walk from the platform. I am located in the centre of the town.